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Guru started with robot technology based on smartphone.
To supply the robot that anyone can use easily
With our vision to provide technology that is practically necessary for everyone
We have come up until now with ideas that utilize smartphone in drawers.

It is the value we pursue to share our vision and ideas to create better future.

Business Area


Peddy | Gurufun

ㆍSynchronize smartphone with robot to realize contents that can interact with object
ㆍConnect Smartphone and Motion Control Board via BT communication to drive hardware
ㆍReplace some of the hardware with smartphone to improve performance and reduce price at the same time

Idea Background

High-performance smartphone resources accumulated every year

Due to the development of technology, improvement of consumers’ purchasing power and consumption pattern, about 20 million smartphone are supplied to the market every year(in Korea statistics). But the number of used phones and export volume is about 70% of the supply volume.
About 4-5 million of second-hand unused phones are generated and accumulated at home every year.
Even though unused phones can be used at any time because of its high CPU performance, but most of them are accumulated in a drawer for emergency. We need to consider the practical use of them.


Unusing smartphones in drawers are reborn as robots for companion animals.

What is upcycle?
As upper recycle concept, it means adding new functions and value to existing products, resources and using them for new purpose.

Guru's History


Through Peddy, the users take care of the companion animals by themselves.
The device can detect the movements of the companion animals and provide snacks, videos to take care.

For Companion Animals
Home IOT Smart Robot

Guru's idea

Home IOT Smart Robot to guard companion animals and home

Smart robot
to care for companion animals

Through Peddy, you can communicate with your companion animals and take care of your companion animals that are left alone at home. Beyond emotional care, such as loneliness or separation anxiety that may occur when the owner is out, it can visit the companion animals themselves, provide meals, play them, and do practical care.

| Functions

Home IOT Smart Robot to guard companion animals and home

Smart Robot to Keep Home

It detects abnormal situations and intruders at home through various sensors and transmits them to users. In addition, users can check at any time in real time whenever they want. They can move to a single device and check the whole house. So there is no blind spot, unlike existing fixed CCTV. The photos and information that have been sent can be stored on the server and can be checked at any time. Also, it is possible to carry out the function of black box which can be used as data such as arrest of robbery.

| Functions

Exterior Design

Companion animal-specific robot design


Hide and seek

Detect movement through sensor and search for companion animal

1: 1 interactive
video call

1: 1 bidirectional video call via PEDDY

Snacks / Feeding

Feed and snacks provided

Mobile CCTV

Mobile CCTV without blind spot

Black Box

The video information stored in the server can be checked at any time through the Peddy, and it can be used as evidence for further arrest.

Detect emergency situation

Detect abnormal situation and send to external user

Video Letter

Video Letter to your sweet companion animal


Share your companion animal's daily life with Peddy

Play bideo/music

Peddy provides favorite images and music to companion animals

Customer Support

Smart Guru with customers